10 Shocking Habits Of Highly Successful People.

Ever wondered what makes the successful people highly productive and what made them succeed.Such a incredible information about these ultra successful can help us get the right direction and motivation. 

Kevin kruse is a person who has interviewed around 200 ultra successful people. Kevin kruse interview’s answers gave us incredible information.

Below are some of the useful points from Kevin’s findings.

They schedule work by minutes, not hours – Most of the people make time table according to hours but the ultra successful people know they have 1440 minutes in a day and they have to utilise it in the most productive manner. They know the importance of time so most of the successful people have schedule minutes by minutes.”Money if lost, can be made again but time which is gone will never return.”

They focus on one thing at a time – Ultra successful people focus on one thing at a time and dedicate their 2-3 hours to it. They don’t multitask, multitasking in actual decreases productivity.Successful people know their important tasks and work upon it without interruptions.

They don’t use to-do lists – Never ever make to do list, there are very rare chances of it to get completed. The undone item causes stress and isomnia as it stays in our mind till we complete them. Successful people just put it on calendar and work according to calendar.

They beat procrastination with time travel – We are time inconsistent. Successful people figure out what they can do now to make their future self do the right thing. Anticipate what mistakes you can make in future and work on it today to avoid it in future.

They note down every possible information – Always carry a notebook, this is a million dollar idea that they dont teach you at business schools. Successful people free up their minds by writing everything on notebook.

They check e-mails only a few times a day – Notifications, nowadays are biggest interruptions in work. Successful people don’t unlock and check their phones everytime they hear notification sound. Like everything else they have a schedule for it too.

They say “no” to everything unproductive – Warren Buffet once said, “The difference between successful people and very successful people is that very successful people say ‘no’ to almost everything.” Remember you only get 1440 minutes in a day, don’t give them up easily. Don’t waste these minutes doing unproductive things.

They use 80/20 rule – This principle is almost used by every successful person. This principle states that 80% of result comes out of 20% of efforts. Successful people work on 20% of important thing and ignore the rest.

They touch things only once – Ultra successful people complete thier “5 – 10 minutes work” in one go.They only touch them once and complete them.This reduces stress because it won’t stay in their mind as they have already done it.

They are energetic – You can’t get more than 1440 minutes a day but you can surely increase energy which can increase your productivity. Successful people think energy as a fuel and sleep as recharge to get done more and more. 

I’m not assuring you that you’ll definitely become successful after reading and following these points but these secrets will surely help you to be more productive and focused and to get done more in less time.

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