10 Steps To Get the Girl You Want

To get a girl you want, is to understand her. Understanding here doesn’t mean to listen to her stories. Understanding means knowing the pyschology, how her brain works. 
I’m not saying don’t focus on career. Career is primary, this is just for the sake of knowledge, deep understanding of how actually understand women and what they want.
So here are the 6 steps to get the girl you want-:

2- Don’t be a jerk- Just because you have mentioned you are not intrested in her romantically doesn’t mean you start ignoring her and acting like jerk.
Be curious about her,ask questions about her. Curiosity will lead to conversations Which will help you understand her likes, dislikes, is she over an ex, How important is career for her. You will know about how her brain works and you will be aware of what steps you should take next to make her fall in love with you.

3- Put your self respect before her, in short don’t kiss ass.
A lot of guys potray themselves as too good and confirming and act like every word said by the girl is unquestionable. They think the way to women her is to show no resistance to her. This will get you in FRIENDZONE. You will be the ideal friend for her. Because you agree with everything she says, you will be boring, uninteresting and bland for her subconscious mind. For her you lack the ability to impress and challenge her but as a friend you are the correct person to tell her heart out when she feels her heart is heavy because you agree on everything she says.

4- Appear interesting- One of the basic requirements to attract any girl is to appear interesting. Women judge guys on how they make them feel. Make her feel excited. What every guy basically try do is thoughtful, considerate and kind. Basically : I’m the nicest guy on planet and i respect everyone. Understand one thing nice is not interesting, nice is pleasant and cordial but this is not turning her mind upside down. It’s not adding that want in her to talk to you for hours and hours. You know why ex? Because every new thought you are presenting to her, she has already heard all those thoughts and you are selling the same thing back to her. It’s nothing new. People always want something new, people want something that can make them think differently.


5- Happiness- Let’s consider the two words: excitement and fun. She needs to feel these two words when she talks to you. No one likes to talk about your problems, you’re not sad, not distressed instead you’re bundle of joy.
Whenever you pick up her phone, never talk about your problems. The reason why this works is her brain register you as a source of happiness. Now whenever she will feel stressed and bored, her brain will automatically reminds her of you which will make her call you, hang out with you and so on.


6- Patience- Guys are impatient. They just want a girl in next day, next hour because of this they desperately text her every single hour without getting a text back in return. This makes you look desperate and genuinely reduces chances of her getting you.
The trick to get a girl is making her want you and the first step to that is removing desperation.
Be patient, give time to yourself, your ideologies, your life and career.

To be successful in getting a girl you want, you are required to follow all these steps not just one or two.
Even if you don’t want any girl, take it as knowledge.
Knowledge never go waste.

Thank you for reading!

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