5 pyschological signs to tell if a girl likes you.

​It is quiet difficult to tell whether a girl likes you or not. I’m a guy and i found it really impossible to understand girls. However if you do some research and understand women pyschology, it is easy to tell if she likes you or not.

To make your research work easier, Here are the 5 pyschological signs to know she really likes you ♥️
1- Eye contact– People look at people or things they like and don’t look at people or things they dont like.
The hormone oxytocin is responsible for increase in eye contact. Elevation in level of oxytocin increases mutual attraction and give a sense of well being.
Oxytocin also increase pupil (Black part of eye) dilation which subconsciously attracts people toward each other.
Look at her eyes, don’t stare that is impolite. Keep turning your head around while looking at her eyes, take breaks. If she maintains eye contact , obviously she likes you.

2- A light touch– People often touch the people they like. Women often touch lightly to the person, don’t mistake it for sexual encounter. It merely indicates she likes you. Men express their liking by patting on back, fist bumping with friends or hitting lightly by fist.
Similarly women also express in the same way but in lighter manner. Women put their hand on men’s shoulder and sit closely indicates her liking.
If you lightly touch her and she pulls away that simply means she doesn’t like you and is not ready to be in relationship with you.

3- Inward leaning- While talking to you , if her face is towards you , her shoulders are in front of your shoulders and her torso is towards yours it means that she is really intrested in you. We dont pay attention to things we don’t find interesting so if a girl does all these things there might be green signal for you.

4- Copying– This is a big sign that she is into you, we all do this even if we are not aware of it.
Is she copying your hand gestures or movements?
Is she mirroring your energy level?
Have you ever noticed if you talk slow, she start talking slow. If she does any of these, she’s interested in you.
If she likes you, she will even copy the words you say especially slangs.

5- Change in personality– The sudden change in personality indicates she likes you, however it also indicates she doesn’t like you.
To draw assumptions, you need to examine how she acts when she’s with her friends.
After you’ve done this, look for:
If she is more enthusiastic when you’re around, this could be a sign she is trying to impress you.
If she is not intrested, she might give you short or no answers. She might even turn her body away from you.
Is she treat you differently then others? Put her arm on your shoulder. If she doesn’t do this to others. It may mean that she likes you.
If she doesn’t likes you that’s also okay. There are plenty of fishes in the sea. Don’t fool yourself by saying she is the only one.
There are many and different kind of girls. There are plenty of girls that can make you happy.
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