How a student can earn money ? Check it out.

Student life is tough but the most memorable phase of everyone’s life. Everyone enjoy this phase but students often find themselves strapped for cash. Students can’t do a full time job as they’ve to attend college lectures as well. If you’re student, chances are you might spare time between college lectures and social life to earn few dollars.
Fortunately the world is full of opportunities,you can earn a good money without leaving your lectures and social life.
If you want to earn some bucks, no matter you’re in school, college or any institution. You’re at the right place.
Here’s the list of all the things you can do to earn money in college life💰

1- Giving coaching- This is one of the most popular and easiest way to earn money. All you need to have some knowledge about academics. You can teach your juniors in schools colleges and even your classmates.

Apart from academics, you can teach any skill in which you’re expert. You can teach football,cricket or chess.
If you got some technical knowledge,you can teach programming, ethical hacking.
How to start ?
Just make a banner for your coaching and paste it outside your house. Coaching industry is very large, you’ll definitely see students approaching you.
2-Buying and selling domains- In simple language, domain is website’s name and address. This involves little investment but the profit is huge.
How to start ?
There are many ways how you can earn money by buying and selling domain. I’ll tell you the one only few know. Buy a domain from and create a website with the help of wordpress. After completion of the website, write articles on it. In couple of months you’ll see the domain authority and page authority reaching above 20, After this you can sell your domain on, it will worth in lacs.
3- Reselling social media services – There are several websites where you can get almost all the social media services like Social media likes, followers, subscribers, comments, YouTube views starting from Rs 1 and Netflix,amazon premium accounts starting as less as Rs 35 on
How to start?
Setup social media accounts(Instagram,facebook) to advertise and sell all these social media services at higher rates. For instance If you’re getting amazon prime account at Rs 35, you can sell it at Rs 60 by instagram or to your friends.
It’s a no loss business,only buy these services from when you get order from your customers.
4-Become an online teacher- With the advent of technology,it has become easier and convinient to learn as teach online. There are lot of websites which offer job as a teacher and pay good amount of money.
How to start?
Well you can do several things, the best three things you can do is:
(i) Become a teacher on skype,All you need to do connect with the right students who want to learn what you can teach. Deal to teach them via Skype in return of fees/month or week.
(ii) You can become an online teacher at any website, one such website is You can apply as an online teacher here. They pay around 1500/day.
(iii) The third thing you can do is create a course and sell it on Udemy.Record your video teaching a course that you know, according to terms and conditions of udemy. You can see for the whole process here.
5-Part time work at Domino’s or McDonald’s- You can work part time at McDonald’s or Domino’s and earn money. Generally McDonald’s and Domino’s outlets  are in need of employees so chances are you’ll definitely get a part time job.
How to start?
Go directly to any McDonald’s outlet, walk in interview goes on generally.
Ask for the vacancies,apply for your favorite one. Dont forget to bring documents,they have same day interviews.
6-Earn money through olx or quickr- It’s bit risky business. There are big list of items to be sold by sellers on these two websites. You can search for the cheap and the best item and buy it then sell it at higher rates on these websites or personally to your friends and relatives.
How to start?
Just create a free account on or, start searching and buy the item then sell it. Isn’t it simple?
7-Create a YouTube channel- Another thing you can do is to be a content creator. You can upload videos and earn from Google adsense. It requires patience.
How to start?
Create videos on something that you think people will watch,it can be anything entertainment, infotainment. You can upload videos teaching a skill or you can upload DIYs.You can shoot prank videos,funny videos.
After shooting and editing videos, create a channel on YouTube by signing in on YouTube. Set up a channel name, logo and cover. Fill up the about section on your channel.After you reach 1 lakh views, you can monetise your channel and start earning.
How to monetise your channel.
8- Teach musical lessons– If you got musical sense and know how to play musical instruments you can earn plenty of money by various sources.Musical lessons are one of the costliest lessons and there is huge demand of it.
How to start?
You can advertise yourself by creating pages by your name. You can upload your musical videos on these pages as well as on YouTube.
After getting sufficient customers,you can teach them via skype or personally as well.
There are several other things too that you can do to earn money. You just need a view to look at the problems that people are facing and find solutions for them.
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