The best host of ebiz community – Mr. Abhinav aryan

Abhinav Aryan bhagel singh Rajput , born on 31th august,1994 in (Madhya Pradesh) is a network marketer and also known the best host of Ebiz community. He completed his schooling in kendriya vidyalya and did graduation from Indraprastha university. He joined Ebiz in his first year of graduation and became millionaire by the third year and currently leading the group size of 2000+ leaders across 12 states. While most of the students depend on their parents for bread and education, Abhinav Aryan sir borne all his college and daily expenses. The time at which his classmates were managing their expenses, Abhinav Aryan sir was managing his investments.
The hustle, determination, consistency and support of Ebiz community made him a millionaire in college life.
He was living the life in his colleges that most of the students dream to live.

Abhinav Aryan sir success mantra is ” To be in the 1 percent, you have to do something which only 1 percent dare to do”
Abhinav Sir’s smart work and his workaholic mindset made him achieve great feats at such a young age.

The turning point in Abhinav sir’s life came when he came to know about Ebiz, a company where you can learn as well as earn, from his friend Rahul who was already in the ebiz. The communication skills and knowledge of ebiz associates made Abhinav sir fascinated. This made him join this community.
Abhinav aryan’s main goal was to develop personality,learn public dealing skills and removing stage fear. Today, the result is before us, he is the best host of thr ebiz community.

Even after achieving so much by the age of 21, Abhinav’s parents wanted him to get a job and go for an interview. In a campus placement interview in his college, interviewer asked a question “why should i choose you?”
The answer made interviewer awestruck.
Abhinav sir said ” I am currently leading a team size of 700+ in India’s leading network marketing company ebiz and till date he has made 1 crore 17 lac profit for the ebiz.
The interviewer again asked “then why do you want to join our company when you already have so much?”
To which he answered that I want a experience in an IT company and know the functionality after that I will hire people like you(interviewer).

This is just a one of the thousand stories about Abhinav Aryan.

In year 2017, Abhinav sir hosted talk show in Banga Auditorium on the auspicious occasion of Ebiz anniversary.
Again in 2018, he hosted the cultural event on Ebiz anniversary. There were more than 2000 Ebizzers to see their idol.

In the same year 2018, he hosted the North India convention in India’s one of biggest indoor stadium, Talkatora where there were more than 5000 Ebizzers were present. After this event people come to know him as best host of Ebiz community.

Abhinav Aryan sir, today is one of the best social entrepreneur and also a Royal Gold Associate in Ebiz community. Apart from all this, Abhinav sir is know for his humble and down to earth nature. He is really helpful and never hesitate to shower his knowledge to the youngsters.

Abhinav sir has a dream to make India’s youth skillful. He believes that the graduation degrees are for name sake, only a skilled person can contribute to the growth of the country. Abhinav sir want to improve the computer literacy of our country, as learning about latest technology is need of the hour.

Abhinav sir regularly organises group visits to orphanage and do the needful. He teaches everyone about charity and becoming a helping hand for anyone in need.

Abhinav sir and his organisation, organise Tree planting in various parts of our country where tree planting is done on a very large scale.
Making India pollution free is one of his goals in life.

There’s a lot of things we can learn from this man.
Abhinav Aryan sir is an example that consistency and zeal to learn can make you achieve everything in life.

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  • December 22, 2018 at 11:29 am

    Zabardast sir
    Proud to have a mentor like YOU SIR


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