10 things that you should do in 20’s to be successful by 30’s.

Everyone wants to be successful in life but success isn’t confined to money only. To be successful, you need to think beyond money. Start by thinking how you can make a difference. Create value, admire the things around.

Today i will tell you 10 things that you should do in 20’s to be successful.

Be kind– Kindness is a gift, everyone afford to give.
Be kind to everyone, this has long term benefits to you. You’ll develop more contacts, people will admire you and appreciate you.
Kindness will make you humble. You will develop great relationships and contacts if you are kind which maybe beneficial for you in future.

Think– Think about your life, about your decisions. We don’t think much and take steps and it makes us careless and indisciplined. Think how much control you have on your mind. Think how you can control your urge of addictions. Think about each steps you take.
Think about your future goals and you will achieve it. Think as much as you can, it doesn’t cost money.

Don’t expect– Expectations hurt. People are confused, If you have plans,do it yourself. Only you know and feel how important your goal is, so don’t wait for someone’s approval.

Admire– Admire but don’t follow. If there is any person that you are greatly impressed by, find value in, your inspiration from. Find what are the qualities in them that makes you feel this way. Those qualities are the source of your admiration so learn them. Following them will lead you nowhere, follow your own path to be admirable.

Fun– Have a lot fun, but with your eyes open. Fun usually open different doors of mistakes, accidents and tragedies which may spoil your life.
Have control on your excitement with a responsibility to guide it.

Love– Don’t fool yourself that for being happy and stable you need another person. Stop feeding yourself Bollywood garbage that everything is complete when you find your love. You can be happy alone. Stable love requires two stable people or one stable person and other aspiring stability.

Consistency– There’s nothing in this world you cannot learn, you just need consistency. Be consistent,keep doing your work. You will hate it first then you’ll start loving it. There will come a time when you want to quit but after all this struggle it will become your habit but don’t quit because after all these struggles you’ll have become great in it.

Learn to let go– It is okay to miss someone or something but if somebody wants to go away leave them gracefully. Learn this art of sacrificing and you’ll fear nothing in life. You can only control yourself and your actions, not people. You don’t need anyone, you have yourself.

Take challenges– Never hesitate to take challenges, it will make you learn something. Challenges contribute to our growth. Taking challenges will make you self awared. Taking challenges will develop a “Never give up” tendency in you. Challenges will bring out opportunities where success lies.

Build skills– Build skills as many as you can. Consider yourself lucky you can learn almost everything on the internet. Instead of wasting time on chatting and gaming, give some time to learn skills.
There are millions of videos on YouTube and billions of articles on internet wherein you can learn anything you want.

I hope you learnt something from this article, any of the points. Do follow these points to be in 1 percent club.
Have a good day!

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