Son of youngest Indian freedom fighter,who is ruling the hearts of billions across the world.

From sleeping on railway station to sleeping in one of the costliest mansion,From being a school champ to rule the Bollywood industry.
Yes we are talking about none other than shah rukh khan.
Here are some awestrucking and motivational facts about the king of bollywood.

1-He is the son of youngest Indian freedom fighter, mir taj Mohammad.Mir taj Mohamad fought for the freedom of the country.

Little shahrukh with his mother and father.

2-Shah rukh khan is multi talented, little do people know that shah rukh khan was the captain of school’s football as well as cricket team.As per shah rukh’s teacher’s,he was good in studies as well.
He was awarded sword of honour in his st columbas school.

Sword of honour (St. Columba’s highest student honour)

3-Gauri was just 16! When srk fell in love with her, srk first saw her in a party and srk was 19 at that time.
This couple is giving perfect relationship goals.

Srk with Gauri during his struggling times.

4-Srk has been awarded highest civil honour of france, he’s been awarded unesco award for charity for his philanthropical works and is also invited throughout the world for delivering speeches and receiving doctrates.

Shahrukh khan recieving prestigious legion of honour.
Shahrukh khan with UNESCO award for charity.

5– Srk is world’s richest superstar! With a net worth estimating whooping $700 million,makes him the richest film star in the world, leaving behind the Hollywood industry

6– Srk is world’s biggest superstar as well, I’m not saying,the whole world knows.
According to forbes,bbc and Google. Srk is world’s biggest movie star.1 out of every 6 person in the world knows shah rukh khan.In Germany, India is even known as srk’s country.

According to BBC,CNN and Google.

Isn’t it a proud moment for all of us that shah rukh khan making India’s head raise all over the world.

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  • November 3, 2018 at 12:24 am

    Awesome azam.. nice info srk is pride of India

    • November 3, 2018 at 4:10 pm

      Thank you sir


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